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Quality Systems

custom plastic bottles

• You may not recognize their signature, but you will be able to identify their work.
• Quality Control measures have been implemented at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that each item meets exacting specifications.

custom bottles

Dahl-Tech's commitment to quality and safety is incorporated into our daily practices.

We are diligent about our obligation to justify and reward the trust that consumers place in our products.

Ongoing employee training and education is conducted as part of our continuing focus on improving and maintaining food safety.

custom bottles Dahl-Tech earned a Recognition of Achievement and "Excellent" rating from AIB International.

Our facility and containers are routinely inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

We hold an Interstate Milk Shippers license and are a FDA Certified Manufacturer of Single-Service Containers and Closures and Related Products for Milk and Milk Products.
custom bottles We start by using FDA approved materials that are obtained from carefully selected and consistently monitored suppliers.

From our storage practices to our maintenance and cleaning programs, product safety precautions have been taken at every step.

A team of talented and dedicated technicians precisely calibrates our machinery to make the industry's finest blow molded plastic creations.
custom bottles Our Design Staff carefully analyzes each product and develops performance parameters and testing methods that duplicate actual usage conditions.

Quality Control Inspectors follow detailed procedures and adhere to strict guidelines for evaluating product compliance and conformity.

Every shipment that leaves our plant is examined, labeled, and documented to verify that all quality and regulatory standards have been met.
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